… That was the theory anyway: Spend the autumn doing things like getting the website up and running, adding content, lining up posts, building the portfolios and maybe get a few small gigs in the calendar. That seems sensible, right? As opposed to quitting your job two months early, with nothing in place except a business plan, some design work and a desperate need to change the focus of my working life. That would just be insanity!

Well, maybe not. Things might be accelerating considerably faster than expected, and a lot earlier than expected, but it’s also much more exciting than expected. There are already several photo portfolios I need to finish processing and upload, an interview with the cast and crew of indie short film Textual Relationship to write up, short film production meetings to hold, never mind finishing writing the content for the website!

But, the most important things are already in place: A business plan, a desire to make Story Factory work for all involved, and a need to at some point make it pay so that London’s bars, cafés and burger joints don’t go out of business.

And on those foundations do we build this Factory, a factory for story, for the narrative in the world around us and inherent to your creative needs. Do get in touch.