Dates for your diary – December 2018

Rather than re-publishing dates of contests, festivals, and opportunities every few months, I’ve instead gone for a big annual page for 2019. I’ll then use the blog posts for significant updates. The main page is still a bit empty, not everyone has announced their dates yet. However, Screencraft has a announced their 2019 dates.  S.O.U.L. has announced their February screening and networking event and the (free) tickets are available on January 25th. Here’s their blurb: Celebrate:Connect is S.O.U.L.‘s first initiative and has been created to offer Britain’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic filmmakers a public and recognisable platform to showcase their


Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks

Film on Film Entertainment’s Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks started shooting last year, due to culminate with it’s final shooting day this month. Taking photos behind the scenes with a Dalek and the team was great fun! Hoping to catch an interview with the team behind it once shooting concludes.

Steven Spielberg Oscars

Spielberg and the Cult of Cinema

It’s been all of a week since a major voice in films said anything controversial. Thankfully though, Spielberg’s “hot take” was not a point of horror, but one of cinematic philosophy. Should Netflix Originals, and other streaming movies, be counted as Oscar-worthy material? If they just barely scrape by the cinema showing rules to qualify, should they be counted as much as those films made specifically for a traditional cinema distribution? He said: “But in fact, once you commit to a television format, you’re a TV movie. You certainly, if it’s a good show, deserve an Emmy, but not an

doctor who dalek

Behind The Scenes of Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks

As Stephan Burn Photography, it was great to combine the worlds of photography and filmmaking, on the set of Film on Film Entertainment’s short film, Reverence of the Daleks. This Doctor Who fan film is being shot over four days, and these photos are from day three. It’s great to see it all come together, but greater still to be behind the scenes, and see Film on Film’s approach to filmmaking. There’s some photos from Instagram below, followed by the prior, Dalek-less, interim trailer. Day four of shooting will add the TARDIS and complete filming.

Zack Snyder Snow Steam Iron

Short film: Snow Steam Iron by Zack Snyder

Say what you like about Zack Snyder, but that man knows two things exceptionally well: montages and marketing. So, when struggling mobile-only social network Vero needed a brand ambassador, they knew where to go. While he’s taking a bit of a career break, he’s got plenty time to take their money, emblazon his name on their site, and create the short film Snow Steam Iron. Finding the short film is an exercise in frustration. There’s no direct link to it, you need to sign up to Vero, which you can only do on your phone, then browse to Zack Snyder’s

Emmy Statuette

Scripts for 2017 Award Winnie TV Shows

Say what you will about awards shows, not only do they get everyone talking about great television, they also mean that a lot of great resources get released. Scripts, or even if we’re lucky series bibles, start getting released from around now to help build the case for the nominees. And this has been also true of the Emmy’s this year; a year where in our opinion The Handmaids Tale and Big Litttle Lies deservedly did well. We’re just sad that the excellent Westworld didn’t get more recognition. So, here are some scripts from some of this year’s winners and

Emotional Fusebox Poster

Short Film – Emotional Fusebox When the list of 2014 BAFTA Nominations came out, after my glee that Birdman looked like it was going to get the acclaim it deserved, I started working my way through the list of short films. I hadn’t seen any of them, nor was I able to, due to the lock-in ‘feature’ of film festivals. But I had heard of Emotional Fusebox, partly because I think Jodie Whittaker is an excellent actress, with excellent turns in Broadchurch, Black Mirror and Attack the Block. So, I contacted the writer/director of Emotional Fusebox Rachel Tunnard, and she very kindly gave me a link to


Short Film – Vicious

I’ve always been a proponent, not just of short films, but of using the medium of short films to wring the most out of the chiller or horror genre. Freed from the requirement to sustain an atmosphere for 90+ minutes, the short film is effective in the build-up and twist, the vicious knife between the ribs, delivered so swiftly that it wounds brutally even when we see it coming. Coupled with an efficient use of resources to present its chills, the field is somewhat crowded with filmmakers hoping to match the blood-curdling success of something like Sandberg’s Lights Out, one of


Protected: A Modern Noir

A Modern Noir A working title for a Story Factory / Julian Boote Production What is noir? If we are to assume that it fits to the pulp structure, it is a downbeat, gritty urban investigation tale, generally in the mystery or thriller genres. It has certain basic tropes of an investigator (whether detective, journalist, or merely a curious, tenacious individual), a femme fatale who misleads and misdirects and distracts the investigator (whether she is the culprit of a crime or not, what matters is that she is dangerous) and cast of others that may include a patsy, a corrupt


Short Film – Textual Relationship

Textual Relationship, by Syd Heather, is a charming, bittersweet romantic comedy short adapted from a theatre short written by award-winning playwright Tom Glover. It explores the differences between ‘real-world reality’ and our more interesting fabricated online personas, via two characters courting via an online dating app, and then trying to work past their offline incompatibilities. Tom wrote the play for Descent Theatre, where actor David Frias-Robles saw the play and thought it’d make a great short film; and with that, he brought it to filmmaker Syd Heather. Syd, with a healthy roster of films behind him, instantly saw the potential in Textual

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