Short Film – Textual Relationship

Textual Relationship, by Syd Heather, is a charming, bittersweet romantic comedy short adapted from a theatre short written by award-winning playwright Tom Glover. It explores the differences between ‘real-world reality’ and our more interesting fabricated online personas, via two characters courting via an online dating app, and then trying to work past their offline incompatibilities. Tom wrote the play for Descent Theatre, where actor David Frias-Robles saw the play and thought it’d make a great short film; and with that, he brought it to filmmaker Syd Heather. Syd, with a healthy roster of films behind him, instantly saw the potential in Textual

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Hail Caesar And The Scripts of the Coen Brothers

It’s been two years since we last saw a directorial effort from the Coen Brothers, in the form of Oscar nominated Inside Llewyn Davis. It’s been longer still since we had one of their comedies, the last example being Burn After Reading, which didn’t set the word alight. But, judging by the trailer for Hail Caesar, good things are coming our way! Who could deny the impact the Coen Brothers have had on filmmaking? So, it is kind of them to make their screenplays available on their website. Therein you’ll find the scripts for: A Serious Man, Barton Fink, The Big

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