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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Look, every blog in the world is doing a gift guide at this time of year, and it’d be remiss of me not to pitch in. After all, someone might gift one of these to me! No sponsorships were received in the writing of this, this isn’t an advertorial, this is merely a list of things I love that I think over people might also enjoy. Picturehouse Membership – You don’t need to buy me this, I already have it. But it is amazing, not just because Picturehouse is great little cinema chain. But picture this: A member’s club in


Dates for your diary – December 2018

Rather than re-publishing dates of contests, festivals, and opportunities every few months, I’ve instead gone for a big annual page for 2019. I’ll then use the blog posts for significant updates. The main page is still a bit empty, not everyone has announced their dates yet. However, Screencraft has a announced their 2019 dates.  S.O.U.L. has announced their February screening and networking event and the (free) tickets are available on January 25th. Here’s their blurb: Celebrate:Connect is S.O.U.L.‘s first initiative and has been created to offer Britain’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic filmmakers a public and recognisable platform to showcase their

Iceland Banned Palm Oil Advert

Iceland’s “Banned” Palm Oil Advert

You’ve got to admire some advertising campaigns, for both quality and sheer chutzpah. Iceland’s Palm Oil campaign Christmas advert is definitely both. It’s a lovely advert, with a good message as you can see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdpspllWI2o The narrative they’ve gone with is: the advert wasn’t approved by advertising regulators as it was seen to be in support of a political issue. The production and widespread usage of palm oil is a complex and sometimes controversial matter. 1/2— Iceland Foods ❄️ (@IcelandFoods) 10 November 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js The Advertising Standards Authority, however, have been quite clear: Hi Iceland. We asked yesterday & we’ll


Story Factory Reboot, not a Remake

The Visual Thesaurus lists the differences as: Remake: A straight re-telling of a story for the purpose of updating it for a contemporary audience, or making it accessible to a different culture or region. Re-Imagining: A re-telling of a story, but only in the broadest sense. Characters and some story elements may be retained, but mostly plot and story have been repurposed. Reboot: A course correction done with the purpose of restarting a franchise. A reset. Fealty to the original story or film is not a priority. It’s been five months since I last posted a reasonable update on the


Project Carnaby – Loglines

Chances are if you see a screenwriter crying and/or banging their head against the desk, possibly whilst wailing about the injustice of the world, it’s probably because they’ve been asked to write a logline. If writing a screenplay is finding the conflict and the drama and exploring that over 60 to 120 minutes, loglines are taking all that nuance and throwing it out of the window. Depending on who you ask, loglines are between 20 and 50 words long, they’re an elevator pitch. A tiny sales document, selling sizzle more than steak. And they’re really hard to write well. Case


Project Carnaby – Urban Fantasy

Most of what I write is in the genre of urban fantasy, and this project will be too. So I probably ought to define it before we continue. According to Wikipedia: Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy in which the narrative has an urban setting. Works of urban fantasy are set primarily in the real world and contain aspects of fantasy, such as the discovery of earthbound mythological creatures, coexistence or conflict between humans and paranormal beings, and other changes to city life. A contemporary setting is not strictly necessary for a work of urban fantasy: works of the

Emmy Statuette

Scripts for 2017 Award Winnie TV Shows

Say what you will about awards shows, not only do they get everyone talking about great television, they also mean that a lot of great resources get released. Scripts, or even if we’re lucky series bibles, start getting released from around now to help build the case for the nominees. And this has been also true of the Emmy’s this year; a year where in our opinion The Handmaids Tale and Big Litttle Lies deservedly did well. We’re just sad that the excellent Westworld didn’t get more recognition. So, here are some scripts from some of this year’s winners and

Lisbon Panorama

Lisbon – A Little Travel Guide

I didn’t know what to expect from Lisbon before going; most holidaymakers seemed to prefer the coasts or islands rather than the capital city. However Lisbon’s been garnering a reputation as a undiscovered Mediterranean gem, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. From it’s countless churches amidst the hills, it’s Mediterranean cuisine and sandy beaches, to the cultural hubs and peaceful oases amidst the sun-soaked urbanity, the city is ripe for visits rediscovery. Some of the travel guides for Lisbon could do with a bit of an update, and there are some great photos to show. So, here is a district by


Euroscript Free Christmas Networking Event

Hang out, mingle, network, drink and eat mince pies with producers, directors and writers at Euroscript’s free networking event. It starts at 19:30 on the 9th of December, at The Enterprise, 38 Red Lion Street, Holborn, WC1R 4PN. The event is free, but pre-booking is mandatory.