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Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge 2019

For several years now, Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography has run an annual photography challenge, with an allocated task per week to stretch the skills of photographers across all skill levels. The tasks range from the technical to the wildly creative, with a lot of variety to give inspiration and an impetus to keep taking photos. The 2019 Dogwood Challenge List is now ready! This is a self-challenge, so it can be done solo, but it’s good being part of a community to do this, either for advice and feedback, or just to see how other people approach the prompts.


Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks

Film on Film Entertainment’s Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks started shooting last year, due to culminate with it’s final shooting day this month. Taking photos behind the scenes with a Dalek and the team was great fun! Hoping to catch an interview with the team behind it once shooting concludes.


Luscious Cabaret Swansong

For the last 18 months, it’s been a real privilege taking photos at London’s Luscious Cabaret, a little event in The Albany pub in Great Portland Street. Around 20 different events, with an array of talented and creative performers, over multiple acts, generally in appalling lighting conditions. As I said in my interview with producer Little Lady Luscious: I love to work with creatives; people trying to create something from nothing, driven to perform or create, to bring joy, beauty, poignancy, or pathos. I particularly love the feeling of community that can blossom; at its best it can feel like

doctor who dalek

Behind The Scenes of Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks

As Stephan Burn Photography, it was great to combine the worlds of photography and filmmaking, on the set of Film on Film Entertainment’s short film, Reverence of the Daleks. This Doctor Who fan film is being shot over four days, and these photos are from day three. It’s great to see it all come together, but greater still to be behind the scenes, and see Film on Film’s approach to filmmaking. There’s some photos from Instagram below, followed by the prior, Dalek-less, interim trailer. Day four of shooting will add the TARDIS and complete filming.


London Fashion Week February 2017

Twice a year, London Fashion Week returns to make a splash, with articles and reactions ranging from disinterest through curiosity all the way to fevered excitement. But there’s more to LFW than the catwalks, there are also some fantastic opportunities for street portraits. Outside the venues, focussed this year around 180 The Strand, there are endless fashionable people, bloggers and celebrities keen to have their picture taken, dressed to impress. Taking advantage of this are a scrum of journalists, bloggers and amateur photographers, all hoping to get the perfect shot, for fun and profit. This year I joined them and

Lisbon Panorama

Lisbon – A Little Travel Guide

I didn’t know what to expect from Lisbon before going; most holidaymakers seemed to prefer the coasts or islands rather than the capital city. However Lisbon’s been garnering a reputation as a undiscovered Mediterranean gem, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. From it’s countless churches amidst the hills, it’s Mediterranean cuisine and sandy beaches, to the cultural hubs and peaceful oases amidst the sun-soaked urbanity, the city is ripe for visits rediscovery. Some of the travel guides for Lisbon could do with a bit of an update, and there are some great photos to show. So, here is a district by

Model Indie poses with cakes

Press: Epping Ongar Railways – Bridal Fashion Shoot

It’s always nice to see initial photos featured in the press, and the Epping Forest Guardian did a nice piece on the Epping Ongar Railway which featured our photos. We, together with A Peculiar Dream, were shooting a wedding fashion shoot with some amazingly talented designers, amidst the trains and tracks of the old train line. We’re looking forward to more press to follow, so we can release more of the photos!


Envira Gallery Plugin For Adobe Lightroom We’re a big fan of the Envira Gallery plugin for WordPress. It’s an easy way of setting up galleries, slide shows and light boxes, with many features such as password protection, proofing and display. However one of its limitations in the past has been uploading the images, somewhat hampered by WordPress’ somewhat antiquated media handling. As of today though, Envira has released an Export plugin for Lightroom that simplifies this process considerably, meshing nicely with our existing Lightroom workflow. Check out the video above to see how it works. We’ll be creating an article soon on our complete end-to-end workflow


Photographer’s Rights Under UK Law

Sadly, from time to time, it’s worth reminding everyone, photographers (professional and hobbyist alike), the public and even law enforcement and their uniformed civilian security colleagues, the specifics of the law. Essentially, you’re fine to shoot from public land, police and especially security guards can’t make you delete any photos, there’s no specific privacy law beyond harassment, and be aware of specific bylaws regarding private areas including Royal Parks, transport hubs etc. The Metropolitan Police has a page with some advice, but glosses over the fact that there is essentially no difference in law between someone with a UK Press Card


The Thames at Dawn

London can have some beautiful skies in winter, especially when coupled with the Thames at Dawn. With that in mind, I made an early morning sojourn to a muddy Thames, on one of the coldest days of this winter to try and capture an evocative landscape. I never managed to find the shot I had in mind, but did instead manage to find some wonderful photo opportunities. Foremost amongst them, was Dorothy. The cold, the mud, losing all dignity to try and avoid slipping down some steps into the river, it was all worthwhile for these shots.

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