The Chair Leg Thesis for Success in Creative Endeavours

What do you need to find success in creative endeavours? It’s the greatest puzzle and most asked question by people trying to break in to the creative industries, or to remain working in them. Here’s what I think it takes: 1)      Talent – I do believe talent is a thing, a natural predilection towards a field or skill, whether it be a particular way with words, a specific way of looking at the world, or expressing it. You don’t have to be a genius in your field, but it helps to have an elevated ability in an area.

Nik Collection 2 DxO

Nik Collection 2 now available from DxO

When it comes to plugins for photo-editing, especially software independent ones, Snapseed’s Nik Collection was always the gold standard. In 2016 it was bought by Google and made available for free, only to abandon it the year later. The French photography company DxO then swooped in that same year and acquired the software while promising to resume development, which it did in 2018 while making it a paid product again. This was never a great deal, what with the great many free versions floating around and the fact that in some areas the Nik Collection had fallen by the wayside a little. Now

Deborah Ostmo Couple

Ostmo Couple’s Shoot

I saw the other day that Deborah and Christian’s daughter was two years old now, nearly the same age as my own. And it made me recall the fun day we had in three years ago in West London. This couple’s shoot was before their wedding, when we were graced with glorious weather as we scoured Holland Park for shooting locations.


Brooke Shaden’s ‘Sac’

I wanted to take an opportunity to share the work of a photographer who has inspired me, starting with Brooke Shaden. In her own words: This series is called “Sac” and it won me my first award back in 2010. Dealing with the theme of entrapment while using what limited resources I had, I created largely in nature in dark, damp spaces to create a swampy, monster-esque feel to the characters. I took her work as inspiration, but went a slightly different way with it. It was a shoot that I’ve always wanted to repeat as working with the wet


Malaga Memories

I’d say a good proportion of the weddings I’ve been to, I’ve been taking photos. But sometimes it’s nice not to have that pressure, to be in a beautiful location and take photos mod moments, of joy, of the glorious environs, without the pressure of delivering for a client. This wedding in Malaga was one such event, and it was glorious. Amazing light, food and history, all centred around a lovely relaxed wedding.

Dogwood 52 Logo

Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge 2019

For several years now, Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography has run an annual photography challenge, with an allocated task per week to stretch the skills of photographers across all skill levels. The tasks range from the technical to the wildly creative, with a lot of variety to give inspiration and an impetus to keep taking photos. The 2019 Dogwood Challenge List is now ready! This is a self-challenge, so it can be done solo, but it’s good being part of a community to do this, either for advice and feedback, or just to see how other people approach the prompts.


Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks

Film on Film Entertainment’s Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks started shooting last year, due to culminate with it’s final shooting day this month. Taking photos behind the scenes with a Dalek and the team was great fun! Hoping to catch an interview with the team behind it once shooting concludes.


Luscious Cabaret Swansong

For the last 18 months, it’s been a real privilege taking photos at London’s Luscious Cabaret, a little event in The Albany pub in Great Portland Street. Around 20 different events, with an array of talented and creative performers, over multiple acts, generally in appalling lighting conditions. As I said in my interview with producer Little Lady Luscious: I love to work with creatives; people trying to create something from nothing, driven to perform or create, to bring joy, beauty, poignancy, or pathos. I particularly love the feeling of community that can blossom; at its best it can feel like

doctor who dalek

Behind The Scenes of Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks

As Stephan Burn Photography, it was great to combine the worlds of photography and filmmaking, on the set of Film on Film Entertainment’s short film, Reverence of the Daleks. This Doctor Who fan film is being shot over four days, and these photos are from day three. It’s great to see it all come together, but greater still to be behind the scenes, and see Film on Film’s approach to filmmaking. There’s some photos from Instagram below, followed by the prior, Dalek-less, interim trailer. Day four of shooting will add the TARDIS and complete filming.

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