Montauk Stranger Things Bible Cover

Stranger Things Series Bible

When the Duffer Brothers were pitching Stranger Things, it was originally, called Montauk. They packaged the bible for the show as an old Steven King novel, to further illustrate the atmosphere they were going for. Still, it was rejected endlessly before it was bought by Netflix. This document can be downloaded here, and the script for the pilot is here.

LOTR One True Ring

Amazon’s $250 million Lord of The Rings TV Gamble

Lord of the Rings has always had a cachet, a multi-billion dollar franchise,¬†winning 17 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s much-beloved books. Without Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies, we’d likely not have the Game of Thrones show on TV, HBO’s solution to their quest for something LOTR-ish that they could spin into a big budget TV epic. It worked out for HBO, so the Tolkien estate decided to see if anybody wanted to try and bottle lightning a second time, offering TV rights to the whole of Tolkien’s imaginarium, for upwards of $200 million. HBO, already


Digital Gems, Hidden Treasures – A Year of Streaming TV

I’ve been writing my Hidden Gems column for a year now over on The Digital Fix, so I thought it worthwhile to look back, crunch some numbers, and see what’s stood the test of time. In the last year I’ve suggested 53 different TV shows for you to watch, with only one duplicate as Broadchurch got a new series. Of those, Netflix easily came out on top with 25 recommendations, nearly half. Amazon Instant had ten recommendations, closely followed by NowTV’s eight and BBC iPlayer’s seven. ITV Hub and All 4 managed a total of seven between them, but ITV

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