For several years now, Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography has run an annual photography challenge, with an allocated task per week to stretch the skills of photographers across all skill levels. The tasks range from the technical to the wildly creative, with a lot of variety to give inspiration and an impetus to keep taking photos.

The 2019 Dogwood Challenge List is now ready!

This is a self-challenge, so it can be done solo, but it’s good being part of a community to do this, either for advice and feedback, or just to see how other people approach the prompts. There are sub-groups everywhere, but the majority of participants can be found on Facebook.

There’s the Official Challenge Group for posting photos.

And the Dogwood Chatter Group is for discussion of the photos, prompts, techniques and general photography-related flimflam.

I had a solid run at this challenge in 2016, barely started in 2017 and skipped 2018 entirely. I have a million little tasks and projects for this year, but I think I need to make it a million and 52. I’ve been neglecting my photography since my job change, and that can’t be allowed to continue.

My Own Photos So Far