For the last 18 months, it’s been a real privilege taking photos at London’s Luscious Cabaret, a little event in The Albany pub in Great Portland Street. Around 20 different events, with an array of talented and creative performers, over multiple acts, generally in appalling lighting conditions. As I said in my interview with producer Little Lady Luscious:

I love to work with creatives; people trying to create something from nothing, driven to perform or create, to bring joy, beauty, poignancy, or pathos. I particularly love the feeling of community that can blossom; at its best it can feel like family.

It’s sad that, due to time constraints I can’t commit to continuing to take photos at these wonderful events, but there have been some fantastic photos over the years. I’ve collected some of my favourites into a book called Luscious. But below are my favourites from my Last Night of Luscious.