I’ve always tended to dip in and out of NowTV, usually based around whenever there’s a prestige show such as Game of Thrones, True Detective or Westworld showing, and then I’d unsubscribe afterwards. Paying for two streaming services already seems like a lot, but three seems like an extravagance.

NowTV don’t just do TV though, they have separate passes you can buy for Sports and Movies, but I’ve never been tempted. Even when they sent me a coupon for a free month of their Sky Cinema movie package, I still didn’t take advantage of it.

It was only last week that I realised that I was missing an opportunity, as they had both Lady Bird and Us available to stream, and I should just make time for them.

I’m really glad I got to see those movies, but now I’m in a dilemma. Because I’ve wasted most of my free month, I have to decide today whether to renew at a reduced price of £6. So, for that to be worthwhile I’d have to find three movies I’d want to watch in the next month that I couldn’t watch elsewhere.

Let’s have a look.

Their Oscars selection looks pretty good, but I’ve seen most of the movies on there I’m likely to want to see.

Their Superheroes and Disney “Modern Greats” categories are… devoid of interest. Strangely ‘Trending’ has some interesting choices, clearly I’m not the only one scouring this service for serviceable nuggets.

Taxi DriverYes I know, I should have watched this years ago. But I haven’t. NowTV is the only place to stream this short of rental.
First ManThis is a ‘I feel I ought to see this’ movie, rather than a burning desire.
PsychoI know, I know, another movie I should have watched years ago! I feel I already know this one just by osmosis.
2001: A Space OdysseyI last saw this movie about 800 years ago, and I don’t think I own it any more.
MandyPeople I trust rave about this film.
The Kid Who Would Be KingI’ve always wanted to watch this, but seen it available to stream anywhere.
Mortal EnginesI wouldn’t have spent money to see this, but I want to see just how extra this is.

So, to my surprise, quite a few options, more than I was expecting. People with different tastes would obviously choose different movies, but there seems to be enough there to sustain interest for a a little while.

I have until the end of the day to decide.

Update 1:

I thought I’d compare how much it would cost to buy all those movies secondhand on DVD, to compare with the rental cost.

Music Magpie – £20 (not including Mandy)

CeX – £17 (not including P&P)

Update 2:

I neglected to cancel my renewal, so I have 30 days to watch at least three movies and go through this consideration again.