The Visual Thesaurus lists the differences as:

Remake: A straight re-telling of a story for the purpose of updating it for a contemporary audience, or making it accessible to a different culture or region.

Re-Imagining: A re-telling of a story, but only in the broadest sense. Characters and some story elements may be retained, but mostly plot and story have been repurposed.

Reboot: A course correction done with the purpose of restarting a franchise. A reset. Fealty to the original story or film is not a priority.

It’s been five months since I last posted a reasonable update on the Story Factory blog, there are endless portfolio items that were never updated. Everything has changed in offline and online life, changing of situations, locations and priorities.

But this is a reboot, not a remake or a re-imagining. Whilst fealty to my original narrative isn’t a priority, it is a leitmotif. This is a restarting of a franchise, but it’s aimed at the same audience as before. The goals are still the same.

But, like an indie short film writer/director, I’m no longer looking so strongly at commerciality. I’m not hoping for this site to be the next blockbuster. I’m just hoping it’ll be an avenue for my creative tendencies, a place to focus and elucidate my thoughts on film and photography and writing. Things that I have to work a bit harder to carve out of the rest of my days, but are still inextricable from my self-identity.

Let’s hope this reboot is my Homecoming.