Notes From The Engine Room 35

Your Mileage May Vary may well have been the theme of this year's Spotify Unwrapped, the annual release of the company's release of individual stats of our listening habits.
Chen Man Dior

Notes From The Engine Room 34

Ahead of the festive purchasing season and, more importantly, the imminent awards season, there is a lot of music and movie news about. Releases abound, and with each release there's a marketing machine, feeding the engine of Hot Takes that truly drive the opinion economy.
Succession Banner B&W

Writing Succession

It’s hard to deny the success of HBO show Succession, what with its BAFTAs, Primetime Emmys, Golden Globe, and Writers


Notes From The Engine Room 33

I love a scrappy up-and-coming band, trying hard to prove themselves with fresh, slightly raw material. They don’t know if their ideas, their creative vision will land, or with whom.

Notes From The Engine Room 32

One thing established photographers do from time to time is writing articles about the equipment they use; partly to illuminate their methods, and partly as a collection of affiliate links to rake in a bit of extra revenue.

Notes From The Engine Room 31

At the time of writing we're a mere 58 days away from 2022; two years into what some hoped would be our glorious revisiting of the Roaring 20s. It's a hope that feels like it's been eroded, bit by bit, headline by headline, development by development.

Notes From The Engine Room 30

While I've been doing very little writing in my time away, I have been taking a lot of photos. I don't know whether it's being away from familiar sights, the quality of the light, or the sub-culturally textured nature of Margate, but I've been inspired to take a lot more photos than usual.

Notes From The Engine Room 29

Modern life tends to be fairly stacked, it can be like a game of Tetris trying to fit it all in; if one piece doesn’t quite fit properly, then the whole thing starts falling apart.

Notes From The Engine Room 28

After passing the six month anniversary, working on issue 28 feels almost workmanlike; not quite pedestrian, but certainly part of the weekly grind.

Notes From The Engine Room 27

SIX MONTHS! That blows my mind quite a bit. Considering it was already a cut down version of the prestige format print-on-demand magazine I wanted to do, I didn't really see me sticking with this, never mind for six months, never mind every single week!
Klaxons Xan Valleys

Notes From The Engine Room 26

What is Britishness? What is Britishness in TV? That’s still pretty vague. But could you identify it if you saw it? More specifically, could you find a way to phrase a legal obligation on TV channels to include Britishness in their content?
Bella Poarch Build a Bitch

Notes From The Engine Room 25

em is praised and much-loved, and their absence from the industry is mourned. I never thought I’d be writing about Abba in these journals. 
Brand New Cherry Flavor

Notes From The Engine Room 24

sleep and patience. The lost sleep makes the day-to-day more difficult, which adds to stress. And this is without the addition of any of the extra-curricular activities that tend to occupy my mind and vie for attention.
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