While I don’t agree with Steve McQueen when he says TV is just bad now, I do agree that there’s so much stuff out there to watch, and so little time to actually watch all of it. Part of it is also wanting to be part of the conversation, so while I’m still enjoying The Haunting of Hill House, I’m keen to start watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Because of binge-watching, by the time I’m even able start watching Sabrina, the conversation will have moved on to something new.

Here are some of the TV shows I’ve started, but not finished:

  • Hannibal – I loved what I saw, but I think there was a delay getting access to episodes. Inertia is the death attention.
  • Penny Dreadful – This is more a surprise at myself, as this kind of show so so deep in my wheelhouse. But I just found it hard to stay engaged.
  • Breaking Bad – I know. Everyone loves this show. But I’ve still only made to halfway through season four.
  • The Expanse – I keep getting told how great it gets, how the slow burn is worth it. But I keep falling sleep

I wonder if the problem on the latter two shows is pace, that for my aesthetic and attention span, they’re just a little too slow. Pacing is very much a personal choice, and there are clearly plenty of shows for a variety of preferences. We’re blessed with choice in this Silver Age of Television.

Will there ever be time to watch all the ‘must-see’ TV? What with the endless new shows to watch? Probably not, there’s usually a reason our attention drifts away from things that don’t quite mesh. Just as long as it’s not an ever-repeating pattern of jumping to the next new thing.