It’s hard to deny the success of HBO show Succession, what with its BAFTAs, Primetime Emmys, Golden Globe, and Writers Guild of America Award. But the gods know I’ve tried to.

There’s always a lot of shows to watch, and I wasn’t sure I had the strength of will to slog my way through three season of horrible people saying and doing horrible things to each other and the world around them. It was, essentially, bad on paper for me. But, as mentioned in a recent newsletter, I’ve been well and truly sucked in.

The skill in the writing is making these terrible people compelling, making them interesting, while giving them no chance of real redemption. I’d go further in saying that not only are the characters irredeemable, but any time there is a chance for redemption, it’s never long before they actively crush it. Even Greg.

There’s lot to learn from how the Roys are written with such strong individual voices, and so it’s a shame that only two scripts are available to us:

Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot – Celebration
Season 2, Episode 10 – Nobody Is Ever Missing

Hopefully if the third season continues to win awards, more scripts will become available over time.

As it is, at just over half way through the third season at time of writing, we’re more than half way through the journey. Succession is currently projected to end with seasons four or five, according to writer and executive producer Georgia Pritchett.